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CONTACT details android app

Do you know who is calling? Do you have detailed information about people in your Google contacts, including company, job title, address, website or notes? And does your phone show only the caller's name during an incoming call? Then CONTACT details is right for you.


You can install the application directly from Google Play. CONTACT details are available for free.

Nyní na Google Play

About application

The application will display a pop-up window with further informations about the caller during a phone call. In addition to the usually displayed name and phone number, you can see other items that you have filled in your contact (company, address, website ...).

You can move this window so that it does not cover the important controls of your phone application. And in the settings, you can specify which contact items you want to display and in what font size. You can choose from:
  • Contact name
  • Job title
  • Company
  • Address
  • Email
  • Website
  • Notes
  • Groups
Items are displayed on the contact window only if they are filled in. If none of the selected items is filled, the contact window does not appear.

In settings you can also choose:

  • Whether a contact window appears on an incoming call
  • Whether a contact window appears on an outgoing call
  • Color of contact window
  • Whether the contact window appears when only the name is filled in (then it is unnecessary for the window to appear because the name also displays the default phone applications)

MIUI system

ATTENTION, on MIUI (XIAOMI phones) you need to set special permissions for this application. Permissions for pop-ups and automatic launching. The application will guide you to the correct settings.


On the following phones (systems), the application behaved problematic (the window did not pop up correctly). We work on the solution.

  • HONOR (Huawei)
  • Nexus 5x
Please let us know if the application does not work (or works on any of these systems). Sorry for any problems, the application is not entirely standard and can not be tuned for all different versions of Android and extensions of different manufacturers.

Privacy Policy

Mobile apps require permission to access phone status and read contacts. This data is used only for the actual display function of a contact during a phone call. No data is stored or sent anywhere.